What does Early Access mean?

RealFit is an Early Access release - this means we're still building RealFit in response to the feedback of our community of users.

In practice this means that while RealFit is completely playable as it is, some features are still being worked on and you may come across bugs from time to time (things that don't work quite how you'd expect or things occassionally stopping working). In other words the app may appear a little unpolished at times and there will be lots of updates, new features and content for you to try out as we develop.

Read more about the reasons we decided to launch as Early Access and our plans for the future of RealFit in the answers to our Steam page developer questionnaire.

What information is available about how RealFit works right now?

This information is updated regularly as we add features, our community discovers quirks and we solve bugs, etc! Please see our most recent Usability and FAQ information on our Steam Community pages.

I have a question that isn't covered here or on your store pages?

Contact us on our Discord channel, it's the perfect place to get in touch and ask your question!

How can I listen to my own music in RealFit?